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Music Law


Want to break into the music business? Are you a songwriter, musician or performer with legal needs? Or do you want to start a record label or publishing house? Brian provides a broad set of music related services to artists and music companies which includes contract negotiations/review, business start ups, marketing consultations, music management and more! Brian has experience as both a musician and label CEO giving him a unique perspective from both the business and artist side of the industry.

Music Consulting, Contracts, Management

Film Law


Looking to get your music placed in a film or television show? Are you an actor or director in need of contract review? Or looking to create a soundtrack album for your film? Brian provides a broad set of film related services, with an emphasis on the meeting point between film and music, music supervision and song licensing.

Sync Licensing, Contracts, Distribution



So you wrote and/or recorded a song, now what? Brian can provide assistance in copyrighting your musical work (both the sound recording and music/lyrics) with the United States Copyright Office and provide guidance/best practices for how to protect the intellectual property you create and get paid. 

Copyright & PRO Registration


Starting a business? Looking to incorporate? With nearly 20 years experience owning a small business Brian has navigated the challenges small business face first hand. From start ups, to business sales and negotiations, Brian can assist you with your business legal needs. 

Contract, Incorporation & Small Business Law


Are you an athlete that needs help navigating a new sponsorship or team agreement? Or a professional sports team looking for a team Anthem and don't know where to start? Brian has worked in the niche of sports and sports music branding and applies his experience and knowledge to help meet your needs. 


Contract, Team Anthems & Endorsements 

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